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20 Sep 2018 ASSEMBLY Petitions LOUISE STALEY (LIB)
...the house that the below signed request the Minister for Public Transport direct Melbourne metropolitan train authority (Metro) to reduce the noise pollution created by announcements at stations on the sky rail between Caulfield and Dandenong and in particular the removal of the bell tones at the start of the announcements. The amenity of residents has been further diminished ...by the intrusive nature of the announcements as the sound travels far further with the introduction of the elevated rail. We respectfully request that the minister acts without delay to direct Metro to delete the notification bells from the start of announcements and reduce the volume of the announcements. By Ms STALEY (Ripon) (30 signatures)...

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20 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Points of order DAVID DAVIS (LIB)
... One relates to sky rail and an order for documents in the early part of 2016, and only some of those documents were tabled. I seek from the government an explanation for the delay and why only some of the documents were tabled. In the other case the documents relate to the AFL headquarters and a documents motion in June this year, more than three months ago, and the government has claimed that documents ...

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20 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Members statements SHAUN LEANE (ALP)
... Soon there will be parks under the sky rail; I understand there is a dog park being opened in a few days. What a fantastic program it has been. I congratulate all the workers that have been engaged in the program and all the workers that will be engaged in it into the future. I think there was a lot of scepticism that we could remove 20 level crossings in four years. Well, ...

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20 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Second reading CRAIG ONDARCHIE (LIB)
... They have failed the Country Fire Authority volunteers; they have failed the people of Victoria; they have failed the people abutting the sky rail; they failed people when they said it would not cost a cent for the east-west link, and it has cost $1.4 billion. The PRESIDENT - Mr Ondarchie, move on back to the motion. Again, it is a very narrow procedural motion, and I think that we ...

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19 Sep 2018 ASSEMBLY Grievances CINDY McLEISH (LIB)
... We have sky rail. Gosh, the people down in the bayside suburbs and in Oakleigh were not ...informed that there was going to be a sky rail. They were expecting that the plans would be underground,...separating the road and rail, as has happened in other areas. This was what they were expecting. ...have been chopped down and they have got a full sky rail right at their back door. People are ...has been missing, because we have all seen the little - sky rail Steve, they do call him, and ...

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19 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Government performance HUONG TRUONG (GRN)
... The residents of West Footscray, Seddon and Brooklyn understood this well before toxic ash darkened their sky. They could hear it every day in the trucks that thundered down their residential streets. They understood this well before Stony Creek bled blue from toxic pollutants. Local residents throughout the west have been fighting for their waterways to ... This is why we have developed a transport master plan that builds a port rail shuttle, gets the worst truck polluters off our roads, expands and increases trains and bus services, replaces V/Line services with Metro services in the outer west, plans for the second Metro Tunnel and funds feasibility studies for more light ... rail passenger routes through the west. This will transform the capacity for those of us commuting between the outer west and Melbourne and change the way we live. Finally, we live in unprecedented times in which certain politicians do not even flinch when considering whether they will use racism to extract a political advantage. As a ...

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19 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Government performance CRAIG ONDARCHIE (LIB)
... The unpromised sky rail is eating into people's backyards. Nobody voted for Labor's sky rail. Property values ...of residents abutting the sky rail have been affected forever. Labor gave up the privately funded floor of the ...on the West Gate tunnel project, $2 billion on the metro rail tunnel, $10.8 billion on the north-east ... The Murray Basin rail project is $100 million over budget. The government has squandered the money from ...

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19 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Production of documents
...studies; (2)   any directions given to research organisations regarding the make-up of focus groups and the product of any such research; (3)   details of submissions and comment either for or against elevated rail; (4)   de-identified copies of all Level Crossing Removal Authority communications with the community; (5)   the electronic presentation of the 3D modelling showed to ...panel chaired by Mr Stephen Dimopoulos, MP, member for Oakleigh; (7)   assessments of alternate models of level crossing removals considered by government; and (8)   the full business case for the government's announced sky rail option, or such of the business case that has been completed to date. I also refer to the Legislative Council's resolution of 1 November 2017 which,...

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19 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Government performance MARGARET FITZHERBERT (LIB)
... There is of course sky rail, and Daniel Andrews did not tell people before the election that an elevated rail line would cut through their suburbs, right up against residences, overshadowing them and meaning more noise for people close to the line. This is not exactly something that was explained in any detail at all ...

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19 Sep 2018 COUNCIL Statements on reports and papers DAVID DAVIS (LIB)
...to have seen the tabling - finally - of documents relating to sky rail. This was a motion that was moved ...submissions, was the overwhelming number of submissions opposed to the sky rail. People are outraged. They are outraged ...latter part of 2015 to look at the bids on the sky rail. The CTAP documents are the actual minutes ...Dimopoulos, the member for Oakleigh in the other place, or 'Sky Rail Steve' as he is known colloquially by many ...he sell that Carnegie property in the knowledge that a sky rail was being built? We know that the ...

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