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29 Oct 2020 COUNCIL Second reading Edward O'Donohue (LIB)
... He had been minister for I think only a few days when the Kew Cottages fire and issue happened, and so he was very passionate about this issue. I suppose whilst it is nice to think about what has happened in the past and go down memory lane back to 2013, which is quite a few years ago, it is a roundabout way of acknowledging that governments, federal and state, of coalition Liberal-Nationals or ...

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19 Mar 2020 ASSEMBLY Second reading Danny Pearson (ALP)
... It is a bit like the old Kew Cottages . The Kew Cottages you can see from the Eastern Freeway,...and the Kew Cottages are on a hill. The reason the Kew Cottages are located where they are is that there ... That is why Kew Cottages are on a hill—to try and separate what they thought were contaminated people who had ...

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19 Mar 2020 COUNCIL Answers to constituency questions Clifford Hayes (SA)
...Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Minister for Planning): On 13 February 2020, the Kew Cottages Coalition requested Heritage Victoria issue a stop order under ...Act 2017 for works being undertake at the state heritage listed Kew Cottages . The Kew Cottages Coalition’s concerns relate to the ... On 18 February 2020, Heritage Victoria advised the Kew Cottages Coalition that a stop order would not be issued, as appropriate ...

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05 Mar 2020 COUNCIL Constituency questions Clifford Hayes (SA)
... Last week I spoke at a very well attended meeting of the Stonnington Ratepayers association in Toorak and the Kew Cottages Coalition in Kew. My congratulations to Ilona Smith and Brian Walsh for their civic-mindedness in organising these meetings.... The Kew Cottages Coalition passed a resolution calling for a parliamentary inquiry into heritage protection. What steps will the Minister for Planning take to listen to residents and strengthen the weak, conflicted and underfunded heritage protection arrangements in ...

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03 Mar 2020 ASSEMBLY Second reading Steph Ryan (NAT)
...fish market site redevelopment project; the former Royal Park Hospital site interim management project; the Immigration Museum project; the Janefield project; the joint arts storage project; the Jolimont project; the Kew Residential Services redevelopment project; the Larundel laundry project; the Lynch’s Bridge project; the Malthouse Plaza project; the Melbourne Casino site delivery project; the Melbourne Casino project— ...

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20 Feb 2020 COUNCIL Constituency questions Clifford Hayes (SA)
... I refer to the call by the Kew Cottages Coalition for Heritage Victoria to intervene to halt work at the ...previously insisted that quarantine provisions be maintained around works at Kew Cottages following an outbreak of cinnamon fungus. The Kew Cottages ...

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28 Aug 2019 COUNCIL Motions Clifford Hayes (SAP)
... I think of the Kew Cottages and that site that was there that was looked at for heritage and fought about for many years. They lost the battle, and that disappeared. Enough is enough. I really think we have got to re-examine the heritage laws in this state. It is something I would like to see a committee look into and make some recommendations on. It is a real problem for our city. ...

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02 May 2019 ASSEMBLY Second reading Matt Fregon (ALP)
... But it was the same time that people with disabilities or mental health issues were living in places like Kew Cottages or Larundel. The Cain government at the time passed what was then a visionary act to move to disestablish those institutions, bringing the focus on people being in our community and not shunned away from our community. I think we would all agree that there is no benefit in hiding people with a disability away and ...

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01 May 2019 ASSEMBLY Second reading Danny Pearson (ALP)
... The reason Kew Cottages was built on top of a hill was the theory that the mentally ill would exude fumes. The idea was that if you had a mental health facility up on a hill, they would not contaminate the sane and normal. That was the sort of thinking. That was the sort of Dickensian logic that dominated mental health practices at that time. We have progressively undertaken a pathway to deinstitutionalisation and about ...

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30 Apr 2019 COUNCIL Written adjournment responses Clifford Hayes (SAP)
...Affairs): I note the recent public meeting convened by the Kew Cottages Coalition and the resolutions that were put forward and ... The Kew Residential Services project is being delivered through the Kew Residential Services Development Agreement between Kew Development Corporation Pty Ltd which ...Executive Director of Heritage Victoria met with representatives of the Kew Cottages Coalition on 6 March 2019 to discuss these concerns....

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