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Legislative Assembly

08 March 2023
Constituency questions
Tim Read  (GRN)


Tim READ (Brunswick) (14:36): (66) My question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. An 82-year-old man was killed after being hit by a car on Melville Road at the Hope Street intersection on the boundary of my electorate last week. I do not know the exact circumstances of this accident, but traffic moves fast on Melville Road and I am concerned about speed and the risk to people who walk or ride. As well as lowering the speed limit on this road, there may be other ways of protecting vulnerable road users, like pedestrian priority lights, flashing signs reminding drivers to give way to pedestrians, mast arms to extend traffic lights and make them more apparent to drivers and yellow paint to make pedestrian crossings more visible. Measures like these would bring the intersections on Melville Road in line with other safer intersections in the Brunswick area. Will the minister review the circumstances that led to this death and act to protect pedestrians and riders on Melville Road in Brunswick West?