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07 March 2023
Members statements
Tim Read  (GRN)


Tim READ (Brunswick) (13:12): The removal of eight level crossings from the Brunswick electorate highlights a great opportunity to improve public transport in our community. In particular, former transport planner Peter Parker, who writes the Melbourne on Transit blog, has made an excellent case for increasing services on the east–west bus lines that intersect the Upfield train line. By running these important buses more frequently and extending their operating hours the government could build a more efficient integrated transport network in the inner north that better connects people using the Upfield line with bus routes to take them where they need to go. To start with I would like to see the 506 and 503 both increased to a seven-day service, reflecting the dense and growing populations that they serve. Next, the 508 bus should be improved with better frequency and longer hours, and the 504 bus should come every 20 minutes every day. These changes would benefit not only the people living in and travelling through Brunswick but our neighbours in Essendon and Northcote as well. So I urge the Minister for Public Transport to take the timely opportunity presented by the level crossing removals to make these relatively low-cost changes to help bring about a world-class integrated public transport network in our inner city.