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19 March 2020
ASSEMBLY Members statements Suzanna Sheed

Ms SHEED (Shepparton)

Last week the Greater Shepparton Women’s Charter Advisory Committee announced Thelma Bull as its 2020 GSWCAC Women’s Award recipient at the Greater Shepparton International Women’s Day event. The award recognises those who have made a positive impact upon women and the Greater Shepparton community through their positive actions which embrace diversity, inspire and encourage women.

Thelma helps those most vulnerable within our community, working as a sergeant in the family violence investigation unit and is a strong advocate for gender equality and the prevention of family violence. She is the chair of the Greater Shepparton Family Violence Prevention Network, and with 28 years of service as a policewoman she is a key driver for community awareness through the 16 days of activism and gender equity and social inclusive initiative. Thelma is an admirable role model, who gives so much of her time, energy and love to our community to make it a better place to be. I congratulate Thelma and thank her for her continued service to our community.

To nominees Genevieve Simson and Zahra Haydar Big: thank you for the work and service you also give to our community. Genevieve is empowering our students, her peers and community to achieve the best possible outcomes in their education. Her generosity extends to mentoring female teachers and young women to build confidence in their ability to navigate potential opportunities. Zahra Haydar Big is empowering women within our CALD community, working as a community hub leader at Gowrie Street Primary School. She works tirelessly to foster relationships and partnerships to enable opportunities for local women to participate in our community, and supports them to achieve their goals and build confidence.