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Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor Bill 2016
Page 4022
26 October 2016

Mr ANDREWS (Premier) — I move:

That this bill be now read a second time.

Speech as follows incorporated into Hansard under standing orders:

The Royal Commission into Family Violence reported on 29 March 2016 with 227 recommendations to government on the reform of the family violence system.

The royal commission recommended that an independent statutory entity be established to monitor and report on implementation of the commission's recommendations and of the recommended statewide family violence action plan.

This bill establishes the family violence reform implementation monitor to hold government to account for delivering reforms that protect victims and hold perpetrators to account, with responsibility for monitoring the implementation of all 227 recommendations made by the royal commission.

A standalone monitor, as will be created by this bill, will ensure that there is a single, dedicated focus on reporting on the implementation of the recommended reforms to the family violence system.

The implementation monitor's monitoring and reporting functions expressly include diverse communities such as Aboriginal communities, CALD and faith communities, LGBTI people, people with a disability, children and youth, seniors and people in rural and regional areas.

The implementation monitor will be appointed by the Governor in Council and will independently report directly to Parliament. The implementation monitor will have complete discretion as to the content of these reports, and can only be removed from office on the resolution of both houses of Parliament. This will ensure a transparent and independent oversight.

The implementation monitor will have the necessary powers to ensure that they have access to all information necessary to perform their functions and activities. These include the power to compel information from government agencies, and to enter agency premises. These powers will override legislative constraints on disclosure of information, including relevant privacy and secrecy provisions, subject to safeguards to protect the privacy of individuals.

The implementation monitor will be required to produce annual reports by 1 November each year for four years, starting in 2017. These reports will identify the agencies leading and collaborating on the implementation of each of the royal commission's recommendations, and set out the progress of each. The reports will be tabled in each house of Parliament and published online.

I commend the bill to the house.

Debate adjourned on motion of Mr CLARK (Box Hill).

Debate adjourned until Wednesday, 9 November.