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13 November 2013
ASSEMBLY Statement of Compatibility VICTORIA
                         TRAVEL AGENTS REPEAL BILL 2013
                           Statement of compatibility
Ms  VICTORIA  (Minister for Consumer  Affairs)  tabled  following  statement  in
accordance with Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006:
  In  accordance   with  section  28  of   the  Charter  of   Human  Rights  and
  Responsibilities  Act 2006  (the  'charter act'),  I  make  this statement  of
  compatibility with respect to the Travel Agents Repeal Bill 2013.
  In my opinion,  the  Travel  Agents  Repeal  Bill  2013,  as introduced to the
  Legislative  Assembly,  is compatible  with  human rights as  set  out in  the
  charter act. I base my opinion on the reasons outlined in this statement.

  Overview of bill
  The bill will repeal the Travel Agents Act 1986, giving effect to a commitment
  on  7  December  2012  by  a majority  of  Australian  governments,  including
  Victoria, to repeal existing state and territory travel agents' legislation by
  1 July 2014 and wind up the Travel Compensation Fund.
  The bill  will also give effect  to the Victorian  government's  commitment to
  reduce the costs  of licensing and registration for businesses, as outlined in
  the Minister for Consumer Affairs' statement of expectations on 18 April 2013.
  Human rights issues
1. Human rights protected by the charter act that are relevant to the bill

  The bill does not raise any human rights issues.
2. Consideration of reasonable limitations -- section 7(2)
  As  the bill does not  raise any human rights  issues,  it does not limit  any
  human  rights and, therefore, it is not necessary to consider section 7(2)  of
  the Charter Act.
  The Hon. Heidi Victoria, MP
 Minister for Consumer Affairs

  The SPEAKER -- Order! The Minister for Consumer Affairs is having some trouble
with her throat, and it would be appreciated if members could be quiet.

  Mr Wynne --  If I may, Speaker, we  are happy to assist  the minister. Clearly
she is  struggling with  some health issues. If it assists the minister, we  are
perfectly happy  to have the second-reading speech tabled and  incorporated into
  Ms Asher -- I thank the member for Richmond for  that offer. We have processes
in place in relation to second-reading speeches, but it is a generous offer. The
minister has indicated that she is well able to continue.