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Shepparton migrant community
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24 July 2018

Ms SHEED — On a different note, I recently met with a group of mostly South Sudanese women in Shepparton, some of whom have been in Australia for several years. I was saddened to hear that some of them had undertaken childcare courses with registered training organisations that failed to live up to their requirements, so after spending money on the courses these women were left with no certificates to confirm their qualifications. It is extremely disappointing that there are organisations such as this which take advantage of our newly arrived migrants and refugees in this way when what they are wanting to do is seek secure employment and provide for their families.

However, the Shepparton district has always worked hard to be an inclusive and welcoming community for our new arrivals dating back to the Second World War, and it is encouraging to see these women finding support and guidance through our local St Paul's African House in Shepparton. Over the years waves of migrants have successfully found new homes, jobs and families in our community, and while we cannot pretend there have not been some challenges, I believe Shepparton can be a shining example for other communities.