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28 Aug 2019 COUNCIL Motions Clifford Hayes (SAP)
... I think of the Kew Cottages and that site that was there that was looked at for heritage and fought about for many years. They lost the battle, and that disappeared. Enough is enough. I really think we have got to re-examine the heritage laws in this state. It is something I would like to see a committee look into and make some recommendations on. It is a real problem for our city. ...

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02 May 2019 ASSEMBLY Second reading Matt Fregon (ALP)
... But it was the same time that people with disabilities or mental health issues were living in places like Kew Cottages or Larundel. The Cain government at the time passed what was then a visionary act to move to disestablish those institutions, bringing the focus on people being in our community and not shunned away from our community. I think we would all agree that there is no benefit in hiding people with a disability away and ...

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01 May 2019 ASSEMBLY Second reading Danny Pearson (ALP)
... The reason Kew Cottages was built on top of a hill was the theory that the mentally ill would exude fumes. The idea was that if you had a mental health facility up on a hill, they would not contaminate the sane and normal. That was the sort of thinking. That was the sort of Dickensian logic that dominated mental health practices at that time. We have progressively undertaken a pathway to deinstitutionalisation and about ...

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30 Apr 2019 COUNCIL Written adjournment responses Clifford Hayes (SAP)
...Affairs): I note the recent public meeting convened by the Kew Cottages Coalition and the resolutions that were put forward and ... The Kew Residential Services project is being delivered through the Kew Residential Services Development Agreement between Kew Development Corporation Pty Ltd which ...Executive Director of Heritage Victoria met with representatives of the Kew Cottages Coalition on 6 March 2019 to discuss these concerns....

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20 Mar 2019 COUNCIL Adjournment Clifford Hayes (SAP)
... On Tuesday, 26 February, I attended and addressed the Kew Cottages Coalition public meeting. At that very well attended meeting ...Development Victoria must immediately cease all further development at the Kew Cottages development site; two, that the Victorian government ...immediately reinstate Boroondara council as the planning authority for the Kew Cottages site; and three, that the Victorian government ... For too long the cultural heritage of Kew Cottages has been sacrificed on the altar of rapid population growth, ... Will the minister investigate and respond to the Kew Cottages Coalition resolutions? The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Gepp):...

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08 Aug 2018 ASSEMBLY Second reading DANNY PEARSON (ALP)
... Interestingly the reason why they chose the site for Kew Cottages back in the 19th century is that it ... Kew Cottages was positioned where it was on a hill so that the fumes from the disease could not infect ...and they would be shunted off to a facility like Kew Cottages or Willsmere and then forgotten. We are better ...

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27 Mar 2018 COUNCIL Business of the house DAVID DAVIS (LIB)
... Ms Pennicuik and I remember well in the inquiry into Kew Cottages and related matters that there was a reference - the very first reference - by this Parliament to the Ombudsman on matters that required investigation by the Ombudsman. There was a recommendation from a parliamentary committee followed by a motion of this chamber. There was no attempt by the government in those days to try and block the legitimate activities of the Ombudsman and the work ...

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02 Nov 2017 ASSEMBLY Second reading VICKI WARD (ALP)
... Many years ago I worked at Kew Cottages . We had computers. We did not have many. This was the early 1990s, and we were still using what were then called Apple Macintoshes. Mr Richardson ... Data is needed for pharmacy requests at a place like Kew Cottages . You have to know which unit needs how many workers and what shifts they have to work. There are a whole range of things that ...

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08 Jun 2017 ASSEMBLY Second reading ANTHONY CARBINES (ALP)
...But this is about strengthening the capacity to hold to account organisations and individuals who do not meet the standards that they should, particular in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and places that have history, like Mont Park and others - Kew Cottages as well - places that we have been involved in. There have also been a number of others - like Colanda out towards Colac - that certainly had engagement in one period and have been involved in some ...

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24 May 2017 COUNCIL Markham estate redevelopment SUE PENNICUIK (GRN)
... If I could digress a little bit - certainly not as much as previous speakers have on this motion - and just go down the road a little to the Kew Residential Services site in the same municipality, the City of Boroondara, that is a saga that has been going on now for more than 10 years. In a nutshell,...

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