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12 March 1991 - Current

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05 March 2019
ASSEMBLY Members statements Frank McGuire
Mr McGUIRE (Broadmeadows) (14:05:52): Australians are overwhelmingly practical people, not ideological. They want politics to be a contest of ideas that resolves matters in the national and community interest to increase prosperity and deliver a fair go. Australia proudly leads the world in having the longest sustained period of economic growth. This provides the incentive and imperative to address inequality, because we know the impact it has on lower life expectancy and educational achievements and higher crime, health problems and mental illness. Calls for pay rises resound from the Reserve Bank Board to union demonstrations on the streets of Melbourne. This is an immediate measure to help address inequality, but we must simultaneously address place-based disadvantage. This is the bigger picture investment that will create more opportunities and help Australians reap greater, long-term rewards. This is why I have produced strategies to deliver economic and cultural development where they are needed most. Such initiatives address critical concerns on how to attract new industries and jobs featuring economic development zones, and how to save a fortune by aligning affordable housing with blue-chip infrastructure. Australia is long overdue in having unity tickets that increase jobs growth and productivity while reducing welfare payments by investing in infrastructure, lifelong learning and social cohesion. Mutual obligation demands a coordinated strategy and creative responses to turn adversity into opportunity. For change to be regarded as a friend, not an enemy, it must deliver a fair go for all. Australia‚Äôs government cannot remain a bystander. That is why I look forward to the next election— (Time expired)