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12 March 1991 - Current

Shepparton bypass
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20 September 2018

Ms SHEED (Shepparton) (10:06:47) — It was great to have the opportunity to host a deputation from the Shepparton district yesterday to meet with the Minister for Roads and Road Safety at Parliament House. I was joined by Greater Shepparton City Council mayor Kim O'Keeffe, CEO Peter Harriot, chair of the Shepparton Bypass Action Group Peter Johnson, general manager of Kreskas Bros Transport Peter Hill and Committee for Greater Shepparton CEO Sam Birrell to continue our advocacy for the much-needed first stage of the Shepparton bypass.

This is a huge project that will require federal funding on what is part of the Melbourne to Brisbane national highway. Stage 1 alone is expected to cost $260 million, but the value to the region is immeasurable. The Shepparton district is a powerhouse of agricultural production across dairy, horticulture and mixed farming. It is also a major centre for transport logistics and has one of the highest concentrations of food processing industries in this country within its boundaries.